College Homework

Review the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT) website


  • What criteria does CCHIT use to compare Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) is actually a NGO 501(c)3 which has the main duty of speeding up the adoption of vigorous, interoperable healthcare information technology through creating a trustworthy and competent certification process. The body uses the following criteria so as to compare Electronic Health Records (EHR): functionality, interoperability and security.  The automation of workflow in the facility and capability to craft and manage all electronic records encompasses the functionality part while the capability to send and receive electronic data linking an HER with the outside sources of data records such as pharmacies and labs make up the interoperability aspect. The capability to maintain all patients’ health records private and safe institutes the security part (Heo et al 2012).


  • What criterion do you think is most important for comparing EHR’s? Why? Discuss Homework Help Online

The criterion which is most important for comparing EHR’S is interoperability. By using laboratory results, the organization is able to compare information concerning the test accuracy and bring out clear results to compare the EHR’S. This criterion can also make use of other avenues such as electronic prescribing and exchange of summary documents. All these aspects provide solid basis and tangible data to compare several EHR’S.


  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using certified EHR’s?

The benefits of using certified EHR’S to the patients is that they are able to access or rather track their respective health records in a Personalized health Record (PHR) and also throughout the country at all the certified healthcare facilities.  Patients having the capacity to access their own health information are quite useful as they will be able to keep track of their health at all times and wherever they are. Moreover, certification guarantees that the EHR one buy meets up the countrywide standards for information/records exchange, most commonly identified as “interoperability”. A major drawback of using certified EHR’S is that only data can be accessed by another provide only if their data structures is in line with the national standards and more the data can’t be shared to the personal health record.










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